Ubisoft backtracks on Assassin’s Creed Unity 900p/30fps parity claim

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    Games By Matthew Humphries Oct. 8, 2014 7:27 am
    [​IMG]Ubisoft’s public relations department must be pulling its hair out right now due to the mixed messages coming out about Assassin’s Creed Unity. Yesterday, Ubisoft senior producer Vincent Pontbriand confirmed that Unity would be locked at a 900p resolution and 30fps on both the Xbox One and PS4. The reason was one of AI and a CPU-bound game, not anything to do with platform parity.
    However, before the day was over Ubisoft was backtracking. That 900p/30fps lock? It doesn’t exist. Well, it doesn’t exist yet. Ubisoft is now stating that the final technical specification for Unity on PS4 and Xbox One has not been locked down. So what exactly was Pontbriand talking about?
    It may be that he got confused because last week a preview build of Unity was shown running at 900p/30fps. On the other hand he may have just pre-empted what Ubisoft intends to do for launch, only Ubisoft doesn’t want that confirmed just yet because of the negative press it could, and already has, generated.
    As I said yesterday, I suspect Assassin’s Creed Unity will be 900p and 30fps at launch on both consoles, but as happened with Black Flag, it is likely the PS4 version will be patched to 1080p before the end of the year. Even if it isn’t, it has been shown multiple times that the PS4 has more performance to take advantage of. If Unity has some intensive gameplay areas and is CPU-bound as Pontbriand claims, Sony’s hardware will cope better.
    Whatever platform you choose to play on, Ubisoft is claiming this is the best looking Assassin’s Creed title it has ever created. It’s just a shame that fact is being lost in a lack of public relations organization and mis-information coming out of the company.
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