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Feb 17, 2007
first off....we are not going anywhere and I know the site has been around since 2007 but would like to morph it into a semi-general gaming forum and migrate all the posts to a sub-forum of the new domain.

a few gaming Domains I own: <--- actually my favorite for a gaming site to come and just chill while gaming and throwing back a few rum & cokes...maybe a couple joints:confused: too..

feedback is highly appreciated....if you have another 1 that is available...just throw me a pm and we'll discuss...

currently we are on xenforo 1.5 but currently it's @ "End of Life" which is no longer supported, so we'll be updating to xF2.1 which is more robust version...then changing the domain name.

After updating the software will be adding a few new add-ons for you to stream your favorite games and a couple other surprises...


ScarletBlade Master
Oct 27, 2011

to be honest I don't think much about the site because accessibility with discord and others like it makes keeping in touch and announcements easier than going to a forum. so as far as which you can ignore my input. xD ZeroSF#3284 is my discord ID I mostly play league of legends. and as far as what to choose I say whatever you think will keep it up longer. you have been keeping us afloat for so long.