Google just unleashed an all new Hangouts for desktops, and it is fantastic

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    Apps and Software By Russell Holly Oct. 9, 2014 12:55 pm
    [​IMG]The march of progress continues for Google’s messaging service, despite it not yet being the unified platform*we have all been hoping for. Today’s Hangouts update is for the desktop, specifically anything that runs Chrome. In a UI update that pulls in Material Design elements and a desire to replace the Chrome extension for a full on Chrome app, the all new Hangouts is very cool.
    If you’re rocking a Windows or Chrome OS machine today, there’s a new way to access Hangouts. Google has released a Chrome app that looks and feels like the Android app, only stretched out to take advantage of all the added screen real estate. The interface has a Chat Heads-like design to it when not in use, with little bubble icons for anyone you are having a conversation with. When open and in use, however, you can see those UI elements from the Android app creep over and take control. It’s a welcomed update over the current setup, which for far too long has had an AOL Instant Messenger vibe to it.
    [​IMG]OS X users beware, at least for now

    OS X users can install the app, but Google warns that it’s not fully baked over there yet. You get a strange white box that always floats there and contains everything, which is quite different from the Chrome and Windows experience right now. This is something that will be fixed in time, but for now you’re probably better off sticking with the Chrome extension on OSX.
    Speaking of, Google will be inviting Chrome extension users to try out the experience over the next couple of weeks, with the ultimate goal being to see that experience eventually go away.
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