Dad makes Lego table that plays SNES games and Minecraft

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    Games By Russell Holly Oct. 10, 2014 5:31 pm
    [​IMG]The game table is a time honored tradition among parents. Some people go for the classic Thomas and Friends table with train tracks, while others have the Barbie dollhouse with every possible accessory. There are plenty of options for the classic game table, but the very best of these tables are almost always the ones you have made yourself. This table by Brendan Martineau is the perfect example, and there’s a good chance it makes your game table look sad and empty.
    It’s a Lego table, it’s a streaming rig, and it’s an emulator with thousands of titles to play. Brendan has included a pair of SNES controllers, a wireless keyboard with built in trackpad, and everything else is mounted under the table and out of the way. Unless your child is likely to climb under the table and shove something into the hardware that is neatly tucked under the desk, this is the perfect setup.
    The only thing that would make this better would be Lego pips on the actual monitor to allow for more intricate 3D structures to be built, but for kids this is a fantastic setup that can be updated and modified at any time. Brendan said this only took a couple of hours to put together, and the emulator in the rig is already set up so his son can play thousands of arcade and classic titles. The wireless keyboard means that accessing Minecraft is just as easy, and the built-in trackpad on the keyboard means the game can be played right from your lap.
    Also, it’s a table, so you can put stuff on it.
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