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  1. DM BrOnX
    DM BrOnX
    anyone still on this site? been like 7 years
  2. DM TStreets
    DM TStreets
    I know it's been years, but how has everyone been.
  3. DM Sandman
    DM Sandman
    also, sorry for being nearly 6 months late to reply, its been that long haha
  4. DM Sandman
    DM Sandman
    thank you Outlaw! its been so long since ive been on the site. i see the activity level is still pretty low unforuntately
  5. DM Major Meat
    DM Major Meat ZeroSF
    Thanks! Got the message a little late, guess I should stop by more often XD
  6. ZeroSF
    ZeroSF DM Major Meat
    Happy birthday xD even though it is soo late in the day but still on the day. xP make it great!
  7. DM OUTL4W
    DM OUTL4W Malevolent
    hey pulled into an issue on another forum I admin....sorry bout that. i should be available tomorrow. Can you link me to your forum and I take a gander in the mean time...what error's are you experiencing? Also I deleted your other profile "SecretMember"
  8. Malevolent
    Malevolent DM OUTL4W
    Cool with me, contact me when you can. or itsskyy1 on skype.
  9. DM OUTL4W
    DM OUTL4W Malevolent
    Perhaps....I can do some basic things...but I work 3rd shift so I'm available early mornings.
  10. Malevolent
    Malevolent DM OUTL4W
    You're doing a really nice job coding, and I also have a vBulletin site with Ideal VB as the theme. And I was just wondering would you want to help me out with some errors?
  11. DM OUTL4W
    DM OUTL4W Malevolent
    Why do you ask?
  12. Malevolent
    Malevolent DM OUTL4W
    Yo dude you have a skype?
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